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Recycled Fashion Show

Recycled Fashion Show


Recycled Fashion Show 2016: a fantastic display of colours, designs, styles and creativity


An excited audience gathered in KES Hall for the annual Recycled Fashion Show on Wednesday 30th November. The show, run by Head of Art and Design, Miss Jehan Carew, and Art & DT technician, Shaikha Al Jassim, requires students to design fashionable outfits created from 100% recycled materials.  Nothing new can be purchased for the costumes.  


Miss Jehan Carew, and Shaikha Al Jassim have been working with the students for the last 2 months in the build-up to their event, and students were extremely excited to debut in the show and present their work.

Their designs were many and varied, 30 in total, demonstrating students’ skills with origami, tailoring and even metalwork. They ranged from long, flowing dresses to bubbly, bouncy skirts and they were all modelled very professionally by KES students.


Each designer had worked hard to create a design using only recycled material. Some of the recycled items that were incorporated into the outfits were plastic cutlery, bottle lids, sweet wrappers, discarded CD pieces and many other items that normally would simply be thrown away.


The judging panel was made up of 4 special guests: Bibi Al Sabah (AUK), Lucy Moore (Khaleejesque magazine), Noor Al Swaiti (Al Othman Boutique) and  Sara Dashti (OOd team). The four judges expressed their admiration of the designs and congratulated the designers on producing work of such high quality.

They awarded the prize of top model to Farah AbdulSalam who wore an outfit called Metallica designed by Talal Bin Hussain.

The Textile design winner was Nadeen Sadek for her Pop Art Comic Book dress.

The Green Unit  Winner was Talal Bin Hussain. Mariam Hassan (Denim Outfit) and Fatima Yousra (Sari) were awarded the 3rd and 2nd place respectively.

Finally, the overall Winner of the fashion contest was Jessy Hallak for her Queen of Hearts design.


The show was a fantastic display of colours, designs, styles and creativity; and a very enjoyable evening for all who attended.


All proceeds from the show are donated to the SRC designated charity.