Inspire, Challenge, Encourage

Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects


After a long process of applications and interviews the appointment of both the Head Girl and Head Boy of Kuwait English School was made official in a ceremony held in the school hall on Wednesday 5th October.

The presentation was attended by all KES 6th form students and tutors along with the School Director, Mrs. Rhoda Elizabeth Muhmood, Mrs. Rula Al Saddah, representing the School Chairman, Mrs. Janet Carew, Senior High School Principal and the Head of the Sixth Form, Mrs. Lisa Marchant.

Mrs Muhmood informed the assembled 6th form students that this year the selection of both the Head Boy and the Head Girl had been exceptionally challenging as all the candidates had been of the highest calibre, and had performed superbly in their interview sessions.

The School Director thanked all the 6th Form students for their dedication to the School and added that every KES student whose IGCSE examination results had earned them a place in the Sixth Form should consider themselves to be amongst the Elite.

The position of Head Boy was awarded to Ryan Buist, and the position of Head Girl to Shreeya Thussu. The appointed Deputy Head Girl and Boy were Miriam Fahim and Saeed Mohanna respectively. In addition to these positions, two Senior Prefects were selected: Athbi Al Fadhli and Manasi Hardikar. Finally, 11 Prefects were appointed to complete the Student Leadership Team: Mitra Malekghasemi, Anna Andraos, Emily Al Haddad, Nour Tawfiek, Marianne Sawires, Noor Shubair, Naoshad Sanjana, Youssef Hassan, Farid Mammadov, Marcus Reid and Ahmed Kabil.

The students were awarded their badges and the ceremony concluded with all round congratulations followed by refreshments.